Tuesday, December 7, 2010


First off, I want to say this is gonna be a bad-ass midterm project, it was a short day to finish it but like other midterms in other class, it come short and not too much times to study.

What the midterm project? It was between Soap or (durmrolls) SPAM! I want to say I have never had Spam in my life, but my dad LOVE Spam, he think it the greatest food, he ever seen. Can I call him crazy? At first I was planning to do Spam from the moment I heard the word come out and make me feel like a challenge to take. I have take many challenge in my life and moved it to the next level, but this was different. I have to use one small can of SPAM...seriously? I don't do small project. I do BIG project.

The soap was a lot smaller to do, so that the reason I pick SPAM because it bigger. The real kicker of this SPAM project, you will get more point, if you use SPAM....it a MUST for me since I want to do good in this class.

my project
I remember my childhood of SPAM, that my dad always tell me about. If you don't eat SPAM, the SPAM monster will get you. I believe him for a while, but did not eat it. I used to go to bed with a baseball bat by my bed just to make sure if the SPAM monster come out! I had a dream after that, when I was looking for foods and the SPAM cans were popping. Their were 20 of them, all popping at once, next thing I know the SPAM cans open and fall on the floor. All 20 SPAM come together and create a HUGE Blob and coming to attack me! I scream so loud and next thing I know, I was awake and scared. The next day, my dad was cooking SPAM...I ask him to cook one for me and I ate it. (It was not bad, after all)

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