Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#24 My dream to put comic together part 2!

In then last blog of my comic idea, I told you my idea of my superhero team. but now I am going to tell you my  Villains of I got 5 different kinds. I am going to give you each short story about each of them.

Bizarro. This is Superman evil twin, In the comic, I have read that he not in the comic that much. That going to change because I think everyone want to see more of Superman evil twin...who does not? As I told you that Bizarro is Superman evil twin, but he different in a way. Bizarro is a rock human, he body is rock and not alien and human. Bizarro have the same power as Superman such as flying, heat vision, break through anything, but he have a different weakness. What is his weakness? it is the SUN! I know it odd, but it in the comic it what it is. He can go out in the sun, but have to have a special med. to keep him out such as eating a lot of Krpytonite. Without Krpytonite he will die by blowing up!(left)

Mr Freeze. Say hello, to my little friend! I pick Mr. Freeze because I like how he use his power. This villains is basic from a Batman comic, but I think Mr. Freeze can ruin Green-Arrow life in my story. Mr. Freeze is a guy, that love the cold and live through the cold. He is a very smart man and created many weapons in the comic book such as Ice gun, freeze the city, the Freeze car which it a BIG hummer truck with a huge freeze gun on top. Scary? yes you better be because he can kill anyone, but Superman. The only weakness for Mr. Freeze is heat. He can't stand the heat, but he got heat, he will mostly die. The only thing that keep him a live is the Freeze suit that will keep him cold no matter what is outside.(right)

General ZOD! this man is evil! and sadly, this is Superman family member, so yes he can beat anyone, but he is the same as Superman. How can he lose? His only weakness is Krpytonite, but sadly Superman cant do that because he can't touch it too. Put Green-Arrow or the other guys to do the mission.(left)

Dr. Horrible. I saw this show on the internet in 2009 and I love the short story show, but sadly he is a Villains, he a Mad scientist but have a great singing voice. What his power? I was thinking of singing is his power, can control people by his voice. It will be a great match up between Freakazoid and him because Freakazoid is cartoon and can be a dummy and Dr. Horrible is just a scientist but a singing power...what you think will win?(right)

Finally the last villain, Bulleyes. Bulleyes is really a Daredevil villain, but as I added Captain America and Green-Arrow, this should be a good match with him. Bulleyes never MISS...I mean it He never MISS! He can do anything and will throw it in the bulleyes.You might wonder how can this man can stop if he never miss a thing in his life? Well it up to Green Arrow and Captain America to think about it. In the Daredevil, Daredevil had to move fast and kill him without Bulleyes watching, but Bulleyes can hear really well and feeling moving very well. So good luck with this one.(left)

#30 Good-Bye Blogs

I am so happy I am finishing this Blog today, The clock is ticking and I am scared what my grade will be in this class. I have finish most of my works and I think I am only miss 5 artists. But I have a reason to say that. with those 5 artist I cant post it up and every time I write it again, it keep deleting the blog. I am getting piss about that but, I did most of it and I am not worry about my grade in this class. I have total ace did good on all my project and never miss a class time...listen to me all worry about this class hahaha!

I don't have much to say because I am busy with my other classes and final...I can't believe it the final week of school! school went pretty fast if you kept yourself busy. I have the whole school year.this is my good bye but not forever since we might meet again when I am bored and want to write more blog. Only if I have times too since you will never know what days you will have when you have stuffs around you. and I wish you the best of luck. I will miss you.

#29 The work

The project. I am done on my part of the project! it was harder then I thought it would be. I made two project that will be awesome and hopeful grab people with my work of arts. The project I did are Pop Rock and Soda can kill you and If you write with your left hand, you will become a killer.

Why those Myths? I will tell you why

Pop Rock and Soda will make you like this!
Pop Rock and Soda can kill you. This is a famous story I have heard growing up in my childhood and every time I heard it I did believe in the myths(I know I am a DORK!), but looking at the myth of Pop rock and soda can kill you was about a boy named Mickey who had some Pop Rock and Soda. He was fine for a min. After a min his head blow up and die...odd right?

I wanted to do the project so I did it...I try Pop Rock with Coke. I was sacred to death about the myths is true and I did not want to die, but I wanted to know and I try it. I took some pop rock and took the whole bag. After I took a bag of Pop Rock I pray to god before I went to get my coke. I open the coke and put it down on the table and pray for more. I grab the coke and sucks it down and wait...



and Wait..

After a min of waiting, the myths was a fake and I am still a live today

The other myths is famous at school in my home town Chicago, My mother and I love horror movie and one day I was bored in the car and want to write with my left hand, so I try writing with my left hand and I could not write with it(and I still cant) I ask my mother why can't I write with my left hand. She smile at me and said if you write with your left hand, you can become a killer. A KILLER! I said out loud and happy I did not even write with my left hand. When I grew up and got more wise I notice that almost all killer movie kill with their left hand and until today I still believe the myths.

#28 Wonder what next

long week at school!
After talking about my works, I cant help what can I do next. I mean I got other important stuffs going on as Finals coming up and BIG project is coming closer, It make me wonder to this class. Honest I don't know what will happen next, I feel like the world is felling out of place with all this stuff, homework, studying, but to me the only thing that kept me going is my art project and how happy I am doing it every day.

The project is coming along very wells and I am not worry about the vote on Thursday. I believe my group will do great and not bad. If i do bad I will be upset and will be asking question why am I am doing this. I can't write a lot right now since I kinda need to study for my final and good thing I can write a paragraph for this story and it is good to go.

#27 The project

The project is going really wells and I am surprise that I have a lot of childhood myths in my mind and I am going to tell you a few today.

Pop Rock

Pop Rock and Soda kill you! This Myths is true

Santa is REAL!
Santa is Real

If you write with your left hand you will become a killer

If you make a face and the wind change, you have the same face forever

write on the left and you will be him!
Those are my idea so far, but I know I will have more later on the future, but the question is bugging me thought this project, what if I have the same childhood myths like all my other groups? Will I have to change a new project or will I have all different. The question is remind and now I better get ready for class.

#26 The group pick

Today was a sad day to be in, It is the pick a group day! I am not ready for this project and I hope I get my project up to the world and not be left out but their are times I won't be pick. I am scared.

Today in class, There was many idea in the class, such as Child myths, Badges of Regret, Magic passion, Bows, message in the bottle, my project, and others. I did not hear this the last time when I was in class but We get into 4 different group. I am liking that part a lot and I know I am going have a chance with mine.

sadly I did not get pick =( but I went to the group I want to go in the first place, Child Myths.

The winner of today was...Message in the bottle,  Child Myths, Magic passion, and Badge.

So me and my group got together and start talking about our project, it seem to be harder then I thought I will and the night was light and just think about the myths and bring it to class.

#14 out of 20 Artist: Stan Winston

I always goes to Orlando every years and never miss a year, but every time I go I always go to planet Hollywood, where actor is there standing modeling. So you are jumping around and can't wait to meet him, but as soon you get closer it fake and your face turn from happy to sad, wanna know who create that?

Jurassic Park PosterMeet Stan Winston, a famous make up artists and artwork for movie! Never heard of him? everyone did He created Jurassic Park and T2...there is more he made, but their is many movies he made. He create many art and making it look real and no one can do a better job like Stan.

example of  other movies he created such as Edward Scissor hands and horror movies such as the Pumpkin heads, Aliens this man is a legend in my book