Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#29 The work

The project. I am done on my part of the project! it was harder then I thought it would be. I made two project that will be awesome and hopeful grab people with my work of arts. The project I did are Pop Rock and Soda can kill you and If you write with your left hand, you will become a killer.

Why those Myths? I will tell you why

Pop Rock and Soda will make you like this!
Pop Rock and Soda can kill you. This is a famous story I have heard growing up in my childhood and every time I heard it I did believe in the myths(I know I am a DORK!), but looking at the myth of Pop rock and soda can kill you was about a boy named Mickey who had some Pop Rock and Soda. He was fine for a min. After a min his head blow up and die...odd right?

I wanted to do the project so I did it...I try Pop Rock with Coke. I was sacred to death about the myths is true and I did not want to die, but I wanted to know and I try it. I took some pop rock and took the whole bag. After I took a bag of Pop Rock I pray to god before I went to get my coke. I open the coke and put it down on the table and pray for more. I grab the coke and sucks it down and wait...



and Wait..

After a min of waiting, the myths was a fake and I am still a live today

The other myths is famous at school in my home town Chicago, My mother and I love horror movie and one day I was bored in the car and want to write with my left hand, so I try writing with my left hand and I could not write with it(and I still cant) I ask my mother why can't I write with my left hand. She smile at me and said if you write with your left hand, you can become a killer. A KILLER! I said out loud and happy I did not even write with my left hand. When I grew up and got more wise I notice that almost all killer movie kill with their left hand and until today I still believe the myths.

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