Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#7 Bring in and Feedback

Today was feedback day with your first project. I was not scared to show my arts. I know inside me that I want to create a better project, but limit the idea and thought. I could not be myself.

How we did the feedback? it really simple. Each person will take turn or someone who want to feedback talk about your project of what they like and dislike. The feedback can't do a few things such as...

1. Don't hurt the artist too much
2. Don't act like your works is better and say it to them (you might will start a fight)
3. Don't be scared to step-up. If you think you won't tell yours...you are out of luck, because EVERYONE take turns.

Looking at everyone project, I can talk a lot on this blog how bad it is and how cheap in my point of view it was. Looking at my project and others, I will say not many people put their heart out on their project. Some of the art works I saw was cheap and it look like it was make in 15mins. COME ON! a real artist in my idea take art serious and unless one hour of working on it, but a triangle with tape around it. That project upset me because I rememeber the first day of school, she said she have a lot of side, but turn out that the idea is of her first prject was an hour before class. I did not like it that much and I kept my mouth shut in class because I did not like it at all. The coolest art in that day was hair tunnel thing. This guy create an art by using HUMAN HAIR! (yes! I know). I rememeber he said he will use it and I could not kept my mind off of that idea and wonder to myself what his first project will turn out. After the Feedback day, I was in WOW mode. He really rock the hair and bring people to look at it more than once. The feedback on my project was good. A  lot of people like it, was it the best? Not even close because the "Hair Tunnel" took the show, but the "Breakthrough"(my project name) showed me that everyone in that room love music in some way and feel connected to it. I am a happy guy so let keep it that way for tonight.

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