Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#9 out of 20 Artist: Stan Lee

Stan Lee, today
Who in the world is Stan Lee? you might be asking, but I am going to tell you. Stan Lee is another creator of comic(yes! another comic blog). Stan Lee is not a creator for DC, he was a creator for Marvel comic. What is in Marvel?

Marvel is another comic company another then DC comic. Stan Lee is even more famous then Joe. The reason why Stan Lee is more famous then Joe because Stan Lee create more heroes. Such as Spider-man, Iron-man, X-men, The Hulk, Daredevil, Fantastic 4 and Thor, but the list goes on what he create and I am not going to list all the character.

Stan Lee is the owner of Marvel, but he did not started that mission in the first place. Stan Lee were born in 1922 and still a live today. Before Marvel took over DC comic, DC comic was the king of the world. The hottest comic such as Superman, Batman, Wonder woman and other big heroes was acting like they can't be stop, but that was before Stan Lee took over. Stan Lee grew up in the busy city of New York, and have his only brother with his family. Stan Lee was a "On-Fire" guy, he kept working and don't stop working. He took his work serious growing up. He worked as writing obituaries for a news service and press releases for the National Tuberculosis Center. He was never home during those hours, but he made  a lot of money. He is a very smart man, as he finish high school when he was 16 and half. After he finish high school he, joined WPA Federal Theater Project, but as the time he join, his uncle taught Stan Lee something that he thought will never happen and that is Comic.
Stan Lee after he bring Spider-man to life!

His Uncle, taught Stan Lee how to make his own comic and create how to put a good story. Stan Lee falls in love of making comic and want to become a Comic creator. He learn a few tips about comic as he help the creator who made Captain America. The creator could not believe about Stan Lee and believe he will be BIG in the world. Stan Lee felt ready to take the next stop of Comic and created Spider-man.

Spider-man first comic
Spider-man is about Peter Parker who want Mary Jane, but Mary Jane was taking. Peter Parker was school paper writer as one day he was bitten by a spider that could had kill Peter Parker. The spider did not killed him and turn him into a SUPER-HERO! taking on crimes in the Street like Superman and Batman. His power was everything spider can do, shoot webs, fly by webs to webs and climb walls. Spider-man have a weakness like a human so Peter Parker was half human and spider.

The Comic took off in one day and become hottest comic dropping Superman to second. Stan Lee career become a path to a good future. With the work of Spider-man, he created more superheroes. Stan Lee keep drawing and creating heroes until the early 90s and become the president of Marvel.

Stan Lee got into the Will Eisner Comic Book hall of Fame and  Jack Kirby Hall of Frame.

Stan Lee is still alive.

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