Monday, December 6, 2010

#1 out of 20 Artist: David Mach

RUN A HUGE GORILLA COMING!!! or is it a sculpture? Let me introduction one of my many favorite sculpture I have seen and love to see in my life in Chicago, David Mach.

David Mach is a famous Scottish sculpture that bring a smile to my face and wonder how cool his work is. The gorilla project was my first project I have seen from him. By looking at the gorilla, it seem to be a real life animals, but what items he use in this project. He could had brought 18 cases of wood glues for this. The gorilla was made out of 30,000 matchstick, yes just think of setting it on fire. FLAMMABLE GORILLA! anyway, the gorilla is weight between 20,000 to 35,000 pounds. The gorilla was not David's first animals sculpture. I heard rumors that he made rhinos too, but I have not seen it yet, but he did make a grizzly bears. 

Teddy bear, fluffy kittens, grease gun and mastic gun - by David Mach, artist and sculptorFluffy rabbit and chickens, torch and oilcan - by David Mach, artist and sculptorTeddy bear, pocket hoover and mixer - by David Mach, artist and sculptorDavid's project just open my mind into his creative thought and make me feels like I should had thought of that, but sadly he beat you to the line. David's other works is the grizzly bears, but this is not your normal bears. He called it "Grizzly Little Fucker". To me he bring the art to a whole new levels with it and take me back to my childhood where, I think it would be awesome if Bears could uses weapons and kill things without their claws. For example, looking at the picture (right) it a teddy bear with seem to have a mastic gun and I think they call it grease gun on the other hand. The teddy bears seem like it taking over and beating all the kittys. Now, dont tell me that is not bad-ass! Here the other "little fuckers" arts and sculptures.
Teddy bear, fluffy lambs, riveter and paint spray gun - by David Mach, artist and sculptor

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