Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#5 out of 20 Artist: Michelangelo

Let look at the history of art. When I mean looking back I am thinking of Rome times and Statue of David.

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, was an Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, poet, and engineer. He is well known for many of his statues and painting. Two of his best works "Pieta" and "David" was created before he was thirty! This guy have the hands to work faster and making it amazing.

The Statue of David. We have talk about him alittle in class, but I love his art works.  Michelangelo created this project when he return to Florence in late 1400s to the early 1500s. The project started, asking by the consuls of the Guild of Wool to complete an unfinished statue that was build by  Agostino di Duccio. Michelangelo did the work and finshed it. Why David? what so important about David? is it because people think he good looking? The answer to the good looking is...no, well not to me. I am more hotter haha. Anyway, The statue of David is a symbol of Florentine freedom.

Pieta is another work by Michelangelo, that he created before he thirty (again, this man is fast!). The point of this project was mainly on Virgin Mary and God. As I look at the arts the Description of this work is Mary holding an body without a head on the body of Mary holding. In this work, he did not use a 50 years old Mary, he used an young beauitful Mary for this project. The status is first seen in the first home of Chapel of Santa Petronilla, St. Peter (In Rome). After Michelangelo created Pieta, Pieta was damge about three times and remodel three times. The first part of Pieta by Michelangelo is still around but in Rome and safe.

Michelangelo was a poor man, growing up and never took life serious. He told one of the people in Rome before he die "Doesn't matter how rich I am, I will always think of a poor man".

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