Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#9 The list of idea


1. rubber, easy to use, limit different size, different colors, but the bad thing about this part it might break and dont want to buy millions looking like a sex addict.

2. The reason of condom, because using it as your safe, without worry about the bad stuff without it(Babbies, HIV, STD) keep your pleasure for hours without stopping, 30 years ago, it was taboo in the US and no one had it, but now everyone have it and it keep the place safe (Stay Classy, ladies)

Soda bottle or cans

1. Clear, different size, different logos and people drink it everyday

2. Some people can't live without soda. They need it once or more a day and it is American drinks that the world is falling in love with. Some people would say it is addict after the first 3 in a row.

Beer cans

1. almost all have the same size, colors, I drink it since I am 21(haha)
2. Beer, is american drink, not light juice, water or others. Beer is a popluar drink when you turn 21 and cheaper then gas.


1. newspaper, line paper, colors paper, small paper, large paper, ripe paper, trash paper, fold paper (you got the idea, right?)

2. We use paper everyday in our life, I know it bad for wasting tree, but sadly we not going to stop bringing down trees anytime soon, are we? I use paper a lot in my art class for my project and drawing so, paper is the new way of arts to my idea.

White T-shirt

1. White T-shirt, not a wife beater, CLEAN!, XL or XXXL (thinking of a big project again, can be cheap brand, no holes in the shirt and sewen together.

2. White T-shirt is popular in the world, they even made a song for white t-shirt, I wear white t shirt to walk around the house and sometime under my shirt. It can be warm in the winter time, if you wear a hoodie with it and another shirt. You want to know the song about White T-shirt click on the link ==>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvFDjDLxwGg

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