Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#14 out of 20 Artist: Stan Winston

I always goes to Orlando every years and never miss a year, but every time I go I always go to planet Hollywood, where actor is there standing modeling. So you are jumping around and can't wait to meet him, but as soon you get closer it fake and your face turn from happy to sad, wanna know who create that?

Jurassic Park PosterMeet Stan Winston, a famous make up artists and artwork for movie! Never heard of him? everyone did He created Jurassic Park and T2...there is more he made, but their is many movies he made. He create many art and making it look real and no one can do a better job like Stan.

example of  other movies he created such as Edward Scissor hands and horror movies such as the Pumpkin heads, Aliens this man is a legend in my book

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