Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#7 out of 20 artist: Rebecca Horn

Okay, We learn this in class a few weeks ago, but I found this artist awesome to look at. with her 3-D works, is something I can stop looking.

Rebecca Horn was born in 1944, but she is a famous German installation artist. She use most of her art work with the body, but almost as a transformation things too. She is notable with four of her works and I am going to explain the four notable works to you. (left)

"Pencil Mask" - The pencil mask was design for the face, it was not use to write with your hand. You use your face to write. With 6 pencil on the mask, and with black leather mask. To work it, you have to move back and forth with your face and let your face write. I bet it hard to write with your face and you grow up with writing with your hand. (right)

"Finger Gloves"-Anyone see "Edward Scissor-hand"? this next item just think of that movie but with no scissor adding to the hands. Also the Finger Gloves is double the size as Eward scissor-hand. Looking at this items I wanna try, anyone else?(left)

"Feather Finger"-FLY my friend! FLY! this Feather Finger is simple as it get. Horn create this idea to believe in flying, She want to fly. Adding feather to her finger was not the case, she also add wings to her hand to the upper body, making everyone think that she is a person who want to fly(like me) but like a bird. (I want to fly like Superman!) (right)

"Unicorn"- All you girls out there, I know you believe in unicorn and don't lie because I have a sister even tho she 25, she still wish unicorn are real. In this project Horn create a Unicorn arts. She did not add the full wear of the unicorn, but looking at the picture she add the one horn from a Unicorn. Making me wonder if that can be a unicorn. While looking at her works, I don't really see it until I saw the tittle. If I can feedback Mrs. horn.....Please add more items to the Unicorn, the horn don't really cover it and also it double the size as a unicorn can be.(left)

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