Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#11 Project 2 is here

I have decided to use coke bottle and cans as my found material. What I have in mind is that I want to transform the coke bottles and can into a BIG NEEDLE. I plan to drink all the coke while I work on it and yes I will be needing help drinking some. The bottle will be the needle of the center and the cans will be the needle and pusher. I will be cutting the cans and the bottle and I will be buying a lot of cases of it.

my drawing of idea!
Ironic I named my project "Addict" and I might be addict to coke for more after the project. Will I or not?  I guess we have to wait and see for that part. It have to be coke and not other soda. Coke is a true American drink and the started of the soda

The project is going to be HUGE, almost the same height like me, which I am 5'7 so it might be a little shorter, but I guess I have to see while I work on it.

Why I pick this project? it simple really, I want to do something dark and my teacher like our class to be dark. Once I thought of this project, she can't wait for the project to come and hoping the project turn out very good. So i need to stop writing and start drinking COKE! yaya!

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