Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#4 The Abstract project is on it way!

This week I am ready to go to the next level! It was a BIG stressful week, but I am still on top of everything. I went to Fred Myers and looking at the arts stuffs they sell. I mean every artist should unless look into a store and can pick up an item to create a art, right?

Anyway, My mail had come from home and I got all my music notes send in and getting ready for the BIG first project.I want it to connect with music and the drawing is still not ready yet, but thinking about it is driving me crazy. After I went to Fred Myers, I stop at Home Dept. I love Home Dept. and it a "artist" and "MAN" store. I saw a few things that will help me with the project, but I can't buy it since i have little in my pocket and wallet. I brought a cage wire, 8 sticks, and  a soda, but the soda is not an art, it is for me to drink hahaha. I had a dream last night about my art project. I was wondering what if a person hold a CD and all of a sudden music notes come out and show power? is it real? I doubt it since it hard to have a music note coming out of your hand. It "unreal" and the teacher said it have to be "unreal" . I need more information about this project and asking the teacher for idea, I know I have a lot of idea, but my mind is in one spot and that is to create an music project.

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