Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#6 The drawing of my Abstract work and the work.

This blog will be simple and sweet. I am finally done with my creative first work. I had some trouble in the start when the teacher warn me for to go "real" mode, but I pulls it off and finish it. Looking at my 5 darwing I had to pick 1 that I will love to do and work on it. I pick the music work with a CD and notes flying out. The darwing is different from my project since I had to change a few things to make it "un-real", but at the same time, I am a artist. I want to bring people to their eyes and love my work. My roommate thought it was cool and "so Billy" that what he will say because I love music and it connect to me. Looking at my drawing and the project it a little different. In the darwing I put real notes in it, but looking at my model after it, I use colors notes. The color notes is not my idea, it was a last min things to create because the teacher dont want me to go fully real yet. The question is when I can go "Real"? I got so many idea I want to create and use it in my room and full of idea to bring to the table. Anyway, look at my art model and tell me what you think. Maybe a feedback will be GREAT!

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