Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#3 out of 20 artist: Joe Shuster

Superman Comic

Making you wonder why Joe Shuster? News flash: I am a HUGE comic fan and I love comic. My mainly favorite comic in the world is Superman. Joe Shuster is the creator of Superman and the beginning of DC comic and to me, he is the artist of comic. 

Joe Shuster was born in 1914, but sadly the hero fall in 1992. He is most well known person in comic history if you are a comic fan, are you? His first comic hero he create was SUPERMAN! but he had some help on the with his friend Jerry Siegel. After a huge winner with SUPERMAN, he started to work in another comic for DC's Detective Comics also known as BATMAN, SUPERBOY and  More Fun Comic.

When his first ten year of SUPERMAN contact was over. It became a legends in comic and unfortunately, Joe was sued for copyright of Superman from National Allied Publications. The court hold him and cost him $94,000, but the court was drop and he was re-move from the DC comic.

Josr Shuster
Funnyman comic #1
A year later, Joe regroup the DC comic as long with Jerry, thanks to the new editor Sullivan. The deal for him to regroup the comic world again and draw was to create a new hero called "Funnyman". Joe kept his promise and create a new crime-fighter "funnyman" but the comic doomed him and drop "Funnyman".

After a letdown of "Funnyman" Joe kept on drawing the DC Comic and countine until the late 50s. He was never heard again until his death in 1992. After his death Joe won many award and honor. Such as, Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame,Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame, Fan created an award after his name "Joe Shuster Awaard" which mean honor and achievements in comic book and he got his own street name after him in Toronto "Joe Shuster way".

The man is a Comic Legend and I believe no one can met his bar. 

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