Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#11 out of 20 Artist: Walt Disney

Okay let go to Disney World! I mean it, have you been to Disney before?

Walt Disney
I was watching a Disney movie last night and it was all time classic movie of mine Aladdin. It make me want to talk about the first Disney character Mickey Mouse creator by Walt Disney.

Walt Disney was born in 1901, as a Irish man living in Chicago (What up! Chicago people in the house), but sadly him and his family keep on moving everywhere. They move to Florida, Kansas City, Ontario and back to Kansas City. Walt fall in love with drawing at young age and started to make a life saving out of it. One of Walt's Neighbors even pay him to draw his horse.

After his childhood, he moved back to Chicago and went to High school at McKinley High, but also did night classes at the Chicago Art Institute. He joined the army of age 16, but he was kick out because of underage.

He later join the army again, but as Red Cross. He finish working with the Red Cross in 1919 when joined in 1918, but after he left the Red Cross, all he can think of his drawing and plan to found how to go to Hollywood. Walt and his brother saved a lot of money and got their own studio in Hollywood and Walt first job as a cartoon drawer, is working at Alice Comedies.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
After the series of Alice Comedies ended in 1927,  and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was Walt next big project, He believe that project will take him to a higher life and make him happy.  Walt did not get Oswald the Lucky Rabbit job, but looking at the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, it almost the same art that Walt will make next.

After losing the right of Oswald The lucky rabbit, Walt went back to Kansas City and took a break, but in 1937 Mickey Mouse was born.

Mickey Mouse was created by Walt by almost copy of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, but Mickey Mouse was a big picture.  He created his first silnet movie of Mickey in the 1930s and became a hit to the world.

Mickey was born
Walt was the next American hero and have gone by from little to BIG STAR in 3 years. Through out the years. Mickey Mouse become a popular cartoon as Walt create a park called "Disney World" and "Disney Land" in the 1950s.

Walt dead in 1966 by a lung cancer, but his dream still live on and having people taking his place to create more Disney movies and cartoon.

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