Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#23 The museum

Okay, I should I wrote this early and right after I came back from Thanksgiving break, I think this is the stupidest thing I ever wrote. Let talk about my museum in Montana.

Montana Museum is boring. There is no art inside, but history stuff. I have went this museum so many times that it seem like nothing have change, but hey it free to go!

Lewis and Clark

how Lewis and Clark travel the north west

The museum is basic on the gold rush year, miners and  Helena. I have know a lot of history about this place. The museum did not allow picture and the art works simple. The main of the history museum is about Lewis and Clark. Lewis and Clark was the people who across the river and looks at lands in the west. They become a famous people also having a Indian girl leading the way to show them the right items and the Wrong.

you been warn.
a dead Grizzly
The other part of the Museum, was about animals mostly about Grizzly Bears, Grizzly Bears is the #1 animals in Montana and Helena is famous for hitting them by cars. I am death serious about it I have picture at Montana that people hit Grizzly bear and the car is ruin also the bear is dead. It is a dangerous world out there and scary how they handle it. Here is a pictures of it.

So yea this is a Museum of Montana, not fancy and simple, but have a huge history background that keep the Montana history a live.

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