Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Show that I am SUPERMAN!
As writing this in my notebook, we all artist in our own way. So this blog is all about me me me me me...the GREATEST WILLIAM! hahaha. I was born in Chicago, the south side of Chicago. I rise in a dangerous place with mafia and gangs member rule the street at night. I am a live, but looking back I don't know how I am still a live.

My birth was a mystery to my family, I was born pre-mature and had some problem while my mother was giving birth to me. I almost die by coking to death. Another way, my family did not found out I was deaf until I was 5 years old. It was a mystery because the doctor should had check when I came out, but it was a miss or it was so small and not notice until I grow up.

I am every America boy growing, love baseball, comic(still do), falling in love with girls, but I was into computer a lot growing up. I had a lot of dreaming growing up when I was little, one time I want to be a NBA player, Baseball player, a vet, but the only thing that I love to do is computer.

My lately Graphic Design...I am Irish and Norwegian
It was high school when I knew what I was planning to be, at first I was thinking pf networking, but the teacher I talk with believe it was too much for me to handle and offer me a class to take. The class was Graphic Design, can create art, but on computer. She know that I have some much things to pull out of my head, but sadly can't draw it on paper. She showed me how to run the computer and be my own little artist on the computer. I thought as myself of GRAPHIC DESIGN KING! I went from learning to pro in 3 months and drew a lot on computer making me feel like this is the major, my life pick and I'm taking it. Now, I am in college still having the same dream since I was in high school and I am halfway there.

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