Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#19 The idea of my Project

Oh wonder laptop, how are you today?.....no reply?....okay? Anyway, I want to tell you how my project is going. It is going awesome! I have finally one the work I want to do and here is my drawing.

I know it not fancy, but I promise it will be awesome. I almost got into trouble today taking leafs from someone yard. Yea, who on earth want a dead leaf? I guess the person does. What is he gonna do with it? I have no idea, but who cares. I can goes to other people houses...hahahahahaha( evil laugh) No one will stop me with this project.

I am going to make a leaf suit with a tie, vest and maybe a hat. I am scared about the suit jacket because it a lot of work to put in. Anyway, I am off to steal more leafs hahaha. This should be a FUN NIGHT!

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