Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#17 Art project #3

leafs in SUIT!
Lady Gaga
Finally, it here Art project #3! WHOOT! my creative mind is back in busy and this project should be SWEET! After the teacher talk about the new project, she gave us some great ideas, such as "Wearing them", "wannabe" or "crazy thing, but wearing it". For this project I want to GO GREEN! I am not a hippie and I will be piss if I was but what it will looks like if clothes are go green? I mean what if we can have t-shirt made out of leafs? pants made out of tree? Oh yea I have full of idea going in my head, Thanks to the teacher she turn off my brain for a while but now it working like a machine! This project is gonna be something Lady Gaga's boyfriend will wear and Lady Gaga will marry that person.

Gaga's Clothes
Crazy? come on! have you seen Lady gaga clothes? She even have a meat dress that really made out of meat. That is crazy, but I bet it good on the grill after she wore it. okay, my head is in wonder land now. I could not write today since all I am thinking is  this project, but here some picture that give me ideas.

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