Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#18 5 Body Artists

The first dress
Look like the same dress from Unicorn
#1 Rebecca Horn. I have already wrote about her, but I can't help myself. She knows how to use the body in art. Tell me if I am crazy, she is hot as hell too or maybe it just me, but anyway that not the point. Rebecca body projects is one of the reason, why I pick her in the first place and with out her I could not think of another body artist. You remember the "Unicorn" work? I was watching one of my many favorite movies "The Fifth Element" and I notice something that is the same in my project I research. The character named " Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat" played by Milla Jovovich, is wearing the same clothes like the Unicorn, but sadly it covering the boobs in this! DAMN IT! 

The grass clothes
#2. Gene Pool. You might not heard of them, but I heard of him since I was a kid looking at the world broken record or Ripley believe it or not. He created clothes out of grass, penny, watch and fork suits. I am shock that the teacher did not bring this up in class because his art is awesome and I don't mind wearing the grass suit if it is comfy.

gaga's Meat dress
#3 Jana Sterbak. Like most people I watch MTV and I remember I was watching the VMA and always want to see what Lady Gaga wears since she can be really creative with her work. It happen, She wear weird stuffs the whole night, but one dress was the meat dress. I talk about it a little in the last blog, but did not think I need to talk about it again(sorry, I just did) Jana Sterbak is the person who created the meat dress, but their is other clothes that she made. such as "Atlas" so who is weird now?

Nick Cave's soundsuit
#4 Nick Cave. Okay, this is the hardest blog I am doing since their is not a lot of body art, that I like. Nick Cave is an artist that copy from the Adam family. He did not just create that, but he create other things such as the Sound suit, which it fully sock suit and tops suit with tops from the first ones to now. I think this is Lady Gaga boyfriend...it have to be!

Meredith Ostrom
#5 Meredith Ostrom. This is a new artists but getting famous with her work. She is a model woman, but she a painter. When she paint, she go NUDE! yes, NUDE! now that is 100% BODY ARTS. She is from Swedish and the only people have heard of her is the ones who like nude arts...check out the picture. I enjoy works.

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