Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#13 out of 20 Artisit: Leon Battista Alberti

Leon in the red shirt
Okay, I love history and I am crazy over med-evil, that is not a joke and I cam across one of the famous artist Leon Battista Alberti.

Leon was born in the Genoa as giving the name Leon, but a nick name as Leo. During his childhood, Leo was well taught and went to the best school during that time. He was beginning to study law and help his country to prove what is right and wrong, but what the people don't know that he does art work on his free times. He love to draw and always have a connecting to the art of what he making.

His model he want to built
Leno Status
Leon, stop doing his art work when he finish with school and became a writer to his country. When he became a writer he told people he wanted to be a drawer and not a writer, but by that time Artist meant nothing to the people and like the people did, they just smile and laugh at him, thinking he was joking around, but inside he was not working

Leon, help his country with written, the topic he don't like to do and did it until he die in 1472. His wife and friend admit that he wish he had chosen to be a artist then writer, but it was too late for that. Here is some of the arts I can found. The other arts could not be found because he not a popular artists.

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