Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#6 out of 20 Artist: Brad Jensen

Brad Jensen - Fine ArtistBrad Jensen is another artist, I will like to tell people about.

Brad Jensen born in Southern California, now living in Fort Worth, Texas. Have a passion and desire to tell a story by a single look with emational connection with his painting and the fans. Instead of doing that, he use an illustration in a “Pop Art” to tell a story and give the fans to view the freedom and relate to the painting. Bard Jensen were born with the love of music (like me!). He a new artist to the world and started to own studio in 2009, but since 2009 he already made hundreds of painting. He use tittle in his art works, but connect to his emotions to his work. For example, of painting of Kurt Cobain, he called it "Kurt Tormented" and let the painting do the description.

Here one that make me wonder the person in the painting is Jimi Hendrix, but the tittle called "The Blues is easy to play but Hard to Feel". Looking at the art, what you thnk it about and the tittle meant? I believe it meant, that Jimi Hendrix loves playing the blues, but can't feel it because he HIGH. what you think?

Here another painting from Brad Jensen, the person in the painting is John Mayer and the tittle is "Misunderstood" If you have not heard of  John Mayer, he a musican, that end his career early because of many stress in the way, but now he coming back to play for more. The reason, I believe he said "Misunderstood" because he too young to finish music and come back. What you think?

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