Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#3 Wasting Abstract Progress

I want to be real and if it fake, I don't know if I will like the project I am going to do, but in my mind. It gotta be music. I was listen to Jimi hendrix and thinking to myself, what would Jimi do? Yes, I know he was kinda a hippie, but with his music, I can create so much arts of work in my head that I can do while think normal. Maybe I should use clay? no...maybe a Bag? that will be supid to use too. Im gonna take a break from this and I will be back as soon I can with my idea.

Today I have no idea what the hell am I doing. The teacher is really putting my head into an ER trying to stay alive with her idea and what she want me to do. I could not sleep as my idea flow with what I will like to do, but sadly I cant make it like a real thing, it got to be "unreal".

After pausing the blog and went to class, I have thought an idea that will change the class!(I hope) I  am thinking of a power of music, holding a Cd with music notes flowing in the air, but the hand is real. I wonder if I can make the hand but into music notes and maybe get away with this...The only thing I can do is hope and begging god the teacher will let me.

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