Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#8 out of 20 Artist: Phildias

You might not know who is this artist, but the reason I pick this guy is because he was into Greek myths like me. Meet Phildias, the 8th out of 20 artist I have talk about on this paper. (left)

Group of Greek Gods
Before I talk about Phidias, can you tell me about Greek myth? Greek myths been my studies since I got into it my freshman year in high school. After that I could never get my eyes off of it. Greek myths are "Greek gods" there are many of Greek gods in the story such as, Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Eros, Demeter and etc. This one Greek god got made into a sculptor, meet Athena Parthenos.

Athena Parthenos
Phidias was a Greek sculptor in 430 BC, where Greek believe in their own god and "normal" God was not born yet. Phidias was in order to handle making "Greek Gods" sculptor and his first was Athena Parthenos, but his art works did not stop there, he keep on going to make more sculptor such as Zeus sitting in the chair at the Olympia, Acropolis and Aspasia. The viewer took Phidias seriously and give him warm feeling to have him keep going and making more Greek myth sculptor, but sadly his sculptor ended on a bitter note.
Sitting Zeus

Phidias was accused to create a gold colors on Athena inside the Parthenon. Pericle enemies found a lair witness against Phidias who named was Menon. Phidias went to prison and stay until he die.

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