Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#26 The group pick

Today was a sad day to be in, It is the pick a group day! I am not ready for this project and I hope I get my project up to the world and not be left out but their are times I won't be pick. I am scared.

Today in class, There was many idea in the class, such as Child myths, Badges of Regret, Magic passion, Bows, message in the bottle, my project, and others. I did not hear this the last time when I was in class but We get into 4 different group. I am liking that part a lot and I know I am going have a chance with mine.

sadly I did not get pick =( but I went to the group I want to go in the first place, Child Myths.

The winner of today was...Message in the bottle,  Child Myths, Magic passion, and Badge.

So me and my group got together and start talking about our project, it seem to be harder then I thought I will and the night was light and just think about the myths and bring it to class.

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