Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#13 Dying from Coke!

See! this dog was overdose from COKE!
Half way through the Coke project, I felt like I am dying in this project. No, I don't mean that I am going to die, but it feel like I am and having too much sugar in my body. I am going to live with this project and after this I am not doing anymore project that might hurt my body. My roommate is home with some of his friend and I am bugging them to drink COKE! hahaha maybe I should be nice to them about drinking coke, but this coke craps is a lot of work. I am toughing it out and still doing it. The project in the other hands is coming out GREAT!

It will be nice if I had a lot of that money
I am shock how cool it is looking, before I even started I thought this project will be an okay start, but after working on it for 3 to 4 hours a day, I believe my project is going to beat the CLASS! I have ask the people in my class of what their idea in project #2, it all seem small, but I won't be 100% sure until I see it. The only thing I am worry about the project is...if it too big I mean, I like to create BIG things and the bigger the project is, the easier it get for me. It sucks that I am wasting all my money on coke, right now. Because case of Coke is a lot of money, I went to the $1 store to see of they have coke stuff. They got Coke, but only a litter. I brought two for my center part, but I NEED CANS! I am going to tell you what in and what I add to this project because right now I felt like I have waste almost $100 on this...

Super glues: about $35 (I have brought more then two)

Bottle: $11.25

Cans(so far 62): 12 pack each are $5.50 plus tax with is total $6.33...so far brought 6 case total 37.98

Two Litter: $2

Total: 86.23(so far)

so yea, the project is a lot of money, but I am putting my heart out for this one.

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