Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#10 My dream to put comic together

I have doing this since I started college in U of Montana. I have a dream of my superhero come to together and put up a good comic.


I have not draw anything yet but I have been writing story about it since I started college. My friends think I need to stop living in the comic world and start living in the real world, but sorry, I feel safe in my comic world more then the real world. I bet everyone have a dream to live in, but sadly they can't be true. You know what...go ahead and dream. They are jealous.

You might asking why these superhero and why not else? I will tell you each of the superhero story.

Superman. The man of steel, he is not earth and from outer of space of his planet Kryton. where people have super power like Superman. He is an American Icon and my icon too. He save people from the bad and bring the good. The top and hottest comic is Superman and everyone is know who Superman. His powers is unstoppable, he can fly, have heat vision, break through anything (even steel!), His only weakness is Kyrtonite, which it is a green stone that not from earth(left).

Green-Arrow. His real name is Oliver Queen, he is a Billionaire during the day with everything Billionaire does...party, hot girls, own everything and have a great life. At night when the crime rule the street he a crime fighter. He a normal human, like us but he a very very sharp shooter with his bow. He never miss and always get his target. His arrows is different then a normal ones. He have arrows that turn into boxing gloves, a bomb in a arrow, lighting arrow or just normal arrow. He have weakness like human people does, such as guns and other things.(right)

Freakaziod. Freakaziod is a cartoon, I love when I was little, but he a superhero, his real name is Dex. Dex is a computer nerd(like me) and normal like us but have superpower when he turn into Freakaziod. What is his powers? Well, it hard to say because the cartoon is silly to watch and he act like a kid. He does fight crimes, but acting crazy and acting from a movie. That Freakaziod. His weakness? they never shown on the show and I guess we will never know for that.(left)

Captain America. A TRUE AMERICA HERO. Captain America is one of the top hero to know with Superman and Batman, but he not a alien like Superman or dark as Batman.  Captain America is like Green-arrow, but with the colors of American flag and his weapon is the shield. He fight crimes and he goes to war with solider when America is needed. Yes, he the true hero. His weakness is normal like us, but he hardly get shot because he is quick and strong.(right)

Finally, Deadpool. Before he was Deadpool. He was a solider for America, with a normal life, have a lover, and everything. He even have a name Wade, he was normal like people are and if you get shoot, he feel the same pain you will if he got shot. Sadly, it change his life when he went to a government and have him try a new things called "X Project". The X project ruin his life and looks like a monster. and can't get killed like human can anymore. He heal fast when he get got and have no weakness, but the only thing can stop him is taco and if you cut his head off. (right)

What you think of my comic dream? good, bad or dreaming too much? let me know.

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