Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#8 The Five Transformation artists!

Looking at many different Transformation of artist, I wabt to pick the five different artists  that is awesome!

#1 Dominic Wilcox. Using an army toy with art is something new to the world. He called it "War Bowl" He used many army guys and melt it, but transformation into a bowl. The main subject about this picture is "WAR". War is a huge thing through out history and mankind. The two bowls have it different meaning in his art works. The Blue bowl is base on Battle of Waterloo, putting two army people in one such as, British Artillery and French Infantry. The White bowl is 100% American Bowl with American solider.(YEA! USA USA USA!) Anyway, The White bowl means the Civil war.
#2 Brian Jungen. In this project of his, he used Air Jorden shoes and make it into a mask(yes, he waste a good $150 shoe! maybe each). I wonder how he does it, I mean by looking at his work of using Air jorden shoes, he put together something awesome to view. The mask is not the only thing he use out of Air Jorden shoes, He also create body part such as a vest, and looks like a glove with it.

#3 Susie MacMurray. Using balloons is very creative in her part, Yes, balloons come in dufferent colors, such as red, blue, white, yellow and on and on. The color is not the point but Susie using the balloons to create a dress. Looking at the picture, she create a pretty dress that had to use 15,000 blues balloons. Susie not only use balloons to create dress, she also created water balloons arts, that will like breast implants.

#4 Marcel Duchamp. The man who started it all, in my options. Here a picture, where everyone knows about, but it is well known and simply how he did it. The art project is called "Fountain", it was an art work project in the 1917 and using an urinal ask his art. Why urinal? I dont know, but it is a tranformation art. The "Fountain" was replace many time through out the years as the very first was lost. The lately "fountain" was arond since 1966. two years before Marcel die.

#5 Cornelia Parker. Come on, I know you wish you could thought of this (I would). This project is very different what I have seen over the year. Looking at this project, She use sliverware and flat it out as it turn into a plate. That part is not over, after she flat all the sliverware she want it to float. She use fishing wire to look like it floats by itself. If you look by the side it almost seem like nothing is there. Go closer to it and look on the top, the sliverware looks like it not flat out and look "normal". I gonna tell this project a creative project out of the world.

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