Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#4 out of 20 Artist: Dale Witherow

Here another blog of one of my 20 artists I will be talking about. Everyone take a stamd and meet Dale Witherow.

Dale is a famous painter and well known from Seattle. I met him when I went to Seattle in 2008 by mistakes, but after I talks to him. I views his art and fall in love with his myths painting. He paints is art work by using his personal feeling, thoughts and connected to it, but if he was bored with the art work. He paint it over and come out stronger in his art. His art works give him memories and engery to keep painting and having people wonder the myths in the background.

By looking at his art work. He did not really paint the picture for fun, but he showing you how you feel. He is exploring his art works and showing that his personal life can connect with yours. He might have show his works by meanful ways or happy ways, every painting have a story in his life. For example...

"Beyond The Grid" Looking at what you see, how does it connect with you? When I look at this art, I feel like his arts telling me that words are bury and hiden. With mix letters and paints are over coats with other. I believe their is a message that He trying to tell you. (right)

Another example, that I will like to show his work is "Fish Myth" Looking at his works, you maybe can't see a fish that connect with myth. Maybe to me his art work of "Fish Myth" is telling you "what if a fish is a person and talking to you" You can see a person body on the bottom, but no head with a bubble of talking with a quotes, but looking at the quotes. I could not read it at first and asking my friends and my family what they think it said "here a story". The descrition of his work said "The piece of this story, the myth is telling you a story by a fish" (bottom)

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