Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#5 Art in the City

It is Sunday morning, about 730am and I had nothing to do, but chill and do some homework. After a few weeks in school, I wanted to go downtown and see Boise. It is really warm outside and want to go walking.

After I left my aparment, I started touring my way to downtown. Passing through many Starbucks on the way, make me want to get a coffee! JAVA CHIP(oooh yea!)

so after I got my coffee. I keep my quest going and their was a Farmer Market in Boise. A little about my history, I LOVE Farm Market and I can't stop going to them. The Farmer Market is not always foods stuff, Some people sell their arts works and hoping they will become artists.

The bad news about this today, I forgot my camera! and even my cell phone! I went through and picking a few apples,  homemade donuts(yea, they were awesome!), and looking at others things. After many foods, I found some art works.

Okay, this is not your normal kind of art works that you see everyday. I pass through and saw some cool art works. Such as the glass art, rock frame(that looks like we are cave-man!) and some painting arts work form Gray Holland.

The glass art was called "Legacy Glass Art" they have a building in Boise and sell more at that place, but I looking at it work these artist have their own idea of what is art, and it is in GLASS. I ask the person who sell it art work, the girl said "Made by everyone" so it was made by a lot of artists, but they looking at it art works, it cool and got me thinking how they do it, not just the color, but IN GLASS!

This is caveman style! After looking at the glass art, I saw many rocks across from where I was at. I was thinking what is the world wide of arts, is this odd person is selling ROCK?! We can all get rock by picking it up from the street, river, park and etc. After I walk closer, it keep on getting me thinking, why rock? why rock? WHY? WHY? WHY?!. The man saw me and said "Rock?" Sorry not to be rude, but I started to laugh and could not think of this rock idea. After a few laugh, I look down at the rock and saw it more clear. It a Rock-Frame, yep, We going caveman style with this. I thought it was cool to see how they create this art and I ask who create this. Sadly, many have create it and is everywhere (how I never seen it?). I wanted to feel, to see if it fake or real, WOW! it is HEAVY! I could not even use one hand to lift it up(unless you pick up the small frame). I did not buy one, but looking back on it. I kinda wish I do...maybe next time.

So, I gotta have a real artist to post this blog, so I was walking through, I found another arts work, but  paintings from Gray Holland. Gray Holland is well known artist in Boise(that what he think)

 Anyway, I was looking at his work and thought it was cool. It seem like he use a picture and post it BIG and paint over it, but he did not did it. He use two different way to piant an art work. He take picture or paint a person by having them model. After I saw his arts work, I use the website to looks at more and find more about him. He really a artist and he take many many picture to bring his art works to live. It cool, maybe I can have him paint me like a knight and have my family saying "This man, is a LEGEND!"(me)...haha I know I am dreaming here.

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