Monday, December 6, 2010

#1 My Abstract drawing

Okay this might sound really strange , but our teacher want us to draw paper. Yes, paper, but almost like Frank Gehry's idea. I am not a really good artist when it come to real life drawing, I am more as a cartoon drawer but I did my best at it and get as close I can. Let be perfectly honest about this project. I have never really fell in love with abstracts things. I thought it was okay and all, but Im not crazy over it.

page1 (1-5)

page 3 (11-15)
After giving a paper from my teacher, I had to create unless 15 different kinds of drawing with different shape, idea and whatever you can do with a simple paper. Doing hand works with paper was the easiest thing to do and I can create a perfect model with paper, but the hard part was drawing the model. To be honest, I was completely scared of drawing the model and wonder if my drawing was horrible, but I tough it out and draw what I can and if they don't understand my drawing, all they need to do is ask and I will explain.

page 2 (6-10)
After drawing the models and looking at the picture of my idea. I will say the best drawing was 3, 10 and 13. The other drawing can be drew by a kid and my happy ones (3,10, and 13) were showing me I can draw, but in the end I feel like the teacher want me to draw better :-/

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