Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#14 HALLELUJAH!!! the Coke war is over!

and...gonna say it with happiness

After 9 bottles, 77 cans, 14 super glues, hot glue and three to four hours each day for a week. I have FINISH IT! 

You have no idea how happy I am to be done with Coke, because the coke is killing me! Anyway, looking at the project that I finish, I could not be any happier. The needle look what I drew(that the first). Starting off with the pusher, I used all can, some of the cans are flat as it build up to a three cans together stander. To me I kinda thought I was making a tree because the project seems to be BIG. After getting the cans and  build a pusher, I used one of the two litter (drank one) and use it as a holder. what I meant by a holder, when you look at the needle, they are not going to push itself. They have the two flat thing above the pusher to help push the needle in. Still don't know what I mean? look at the needle picture. (right)

The center of the needle was the easy part of the project, I only need 9 bottles of coke and sack two of into 3 rows. The other three was inside the pusher just in case the center can hold on and fall into place. the bottle was finish in two hours, so I did not have a hard time with them, but the hardest part about them was thinking where to put it. I was planning to use the bottles as a pusher and cans in the center, but I took a look at my bottles and it seem like it will be very hard to flats them and too much to out in. What if it look ugly? that was my question going through my head as I was putting the project together.

Me, Clint, Dustin and Ridge last day of High School!
The needle did not stop there, moving up to look at the top of the needle. I cut out a lot of cans to cover the empty space that need to cover to look like a needle, It was easy as well, but putting that part together was using a lot of super glues in that area and super glues don't like me one bit. I kept on getting super glue all over my hand and it hurt when I try to pull it off between my hand and the coke cans. The final part of this project was the needle, I felt that part was an okay part because it was a BIG needle and mostly needle are small. After looking at the project it seem to fit the whole thing. The reason why I did it was, I love COKE(not now!) and I believe I was addict to it. The real story was my friend. He was a drug addict and needle was his favorites to use. I remember when he first use it, I told him you will addict to it and he did not believe a words I said to him. 3 months before I finish High school and I was in track practice. My friends kept calling me like someone die. I answer the phone and my friend said he in the hospital, he was overdose on needle and almost killed him. I was scared and I admit that I did cry, and zoomed to the hospital after I got the call. It was a scary time for me. He promise me he will go to Rehab, he kept his promise and went to Rehab. He is now clean for three years and going strong.(above..his name is Dustin)

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